Final Fantasy XVI Crossover Announced for Final Fantasy XIV

The biggest reveal from the 2023 London Fan Festival was that the game is going to be receiving a Final Fantasy XVI crossover event that will feature Clive and Torgal fighting alongside the Warrior of Light. A trailer was shown with a new boss fight against Ifrit, and both a Torgal mount and minion, and additional crossover gear was teased but not shown.


Producer and Director (and Producer of Final Fantasy XVI) Naoki Yoshida stated that the quest line will have players teaming up with Clive, but that the story would be accessible to players who have not yet experienced the newest title in the series, with minimal spoilers.

The game previously featured a Final Fantasy XV crossover event that saw Prince Noctis getting stranded in Eorzea after his car (the Regalia) suffered a mechanical breakdown. The player had to help Noctis fix the car and received a cosplay set that allowed them to dress up as Noctis, as well as play the Gold Saucer minigames to earn a Regalia mount for themselves. The event has been rerun due to its popularity, as well as the Regalia being the only multi-seater mount able to be acquired in-game.

You can view the trailer for the Final Fantasy XVI event for yourself here. The content is currently planned for the 6.5x Patch cycle, which could be anywhere from now until the launch of Dawntrail in Summer 2024.

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