Fear Effect Reinvented to Receive New Teaser Trailer Later Today

Forever Entertainment announced they will publish the Megapixel-developed action game Fear Effect Reinvented.

The first teaser trailer will stream on August 24 at 6 PM CEST.

Fear Effect Reinvented was initially developed by the indie development team Sushee, the team behind 2018’s Fear Effect Sedna. However, the development has since changed to Megapixel studio, which started in 2019 and now has a contract with Forever Entertainment to develop titles. They have released Panzer Dragoon: Remake and The House of the Dead: Remake. 

Fear Effect Reinvented aims to be a true-to-the-original remake of the first Fear Effect, which was released on PlayStation in 2000. The game utilized static cameras, puzzles, shooting actions, and tank controls. This new version will feature improved graphics and controls.

During the story, Wi-Ming Lam, the daughter of a Hong Kong Triad boss, has been kidnapped. Players must assume the role of the mercenary trio: Hana, Glas, and Deke, to try to find the missing girl. The original story has been expanded into three separate campaigns. Gunplay will now feature cover-based action with survival horror puzzle elements. Further, there are three difficulty modes for players with optional gallery items to unlock.

You can watch the trailer below when it premiers later today, along with the original teaser trailer from 2017:

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