Visual Novel ‘Fault: Milestone Two Side: Above’ Gets Switch Release Date in New Trailer

Phoenixx announced that the Alice in Dissonance-developed visual novel Fault: Milestone Two Side: Above will launch on Nintendo Switch on December 3.

Fault: Milestone Two Side: Above was initially released in 2015 on PC The game has been long delayed due to development engine changes and adjustments, but the developer has made some significant updates to the series within this past year.

The developer added this statement:

Thank you to all of our patrons, old time and new, who keep supporting our endeavors. This and fault – milestone one’s port would not have been possible without your contributions. It is truly amazing that we get to do all of this in-house instead of handing it off to other larger companies. This tight control is integral to how we want to steer the series and Alice in Dissonance towards in the future, and we cannot thank you all enough.

It’s recommended that players play the previous title to understand this release, given that it is a direct sequel. Fault: Milestone Two Side: Above is currently in development for PS4, Switch, and PC.

In Fault: Milestone One, players follow the story of Selphine, a bubbly princess, and her sharp-witted Royal Guardian. When a sudden assault devastates their homeland of Rughzenhaide, the two are forced to escape… but somehow end up teleported into an unknown forest full of vegetation they don’t recognize. It’s from here that players will need to figure out how to help Selphine and Ritona get back to their homeland because being in a strange new world is pretty terrifying.

In case you missed it, please read our interview with the developer about bringing the series to Switch and its future. Also, check out our review of the Switch version of Fault: Milestone One.

You can watch the trailer below:

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