Fate/Stay For Dinner Game ‘Everyday Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family’ Gets A New Trailer Showing the Lancer Scenario DLC

Aniplex has released a new trailer for Everyday Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family. It shows a little of the Lancer Scenario DLC, which adds him to the story. This DLC was released in the West on August 19. The cooking game itself was released on June 2 and is only available digitally on Switch.

Everyday Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family had Saber, Sakura and Rin cooking a variety of recipes on the base game. Cutting, grilling, stir-frying and other cooking steps are represented as eight styles of minigames that change depending on the recipe.

Unlike the original visual novel, this is a laidback tale about home cooking. Recipes from the anime and manga are available, as well as some original ones which were also supervised by culinary supervisor Makoto Tadano. The story sections are supervised by the original mangaka (TAa) and Type-Moon.

The DLC adds Lancer to the roster of main characters with 16 episodes based on the manga and anime, as well as two Special Episodes. It’ll also be possible to pick him for the Daily Menu and Memory modes. The trailer shows him interacting with the rest of the cast and praised for being a good cook. The company hasn’t revealed if there are plans for more DLC characters yet.

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