Fate/Grand Order Reveals ‘Little Santa Alter’ Holiday Event in New Trailers

Aniplex has released a new trailer for the upcoming holiday event for their RPG mobile game Fate/Grand Order.

Beginning on November 26 through December 5, players of Fate/Grand Order are able to play through the in-game event in order to obtain “Silver Exchange Tickets” to exchange for Four Star lancer Jeane d’Arc Alter Santa Lily.

Additionally, during the event the highly anticipated Five Star archer Ishtar (a servant sharing her appearance with the popular heroine, Rin Tohsaka, from Fate/Stay Night) will be available to use in a trial quest before her story appearance in Chapter 7, benefiting the judgement of players who don’t know if they want to try to summon her.

The publisher also released new trailers showing off the new ‘Noble Phantasms’, powerful special moves, from Jeane Alter Santa Lily, with Max ATK of 9261 and Max HP of 11870, as well as a trailer for Ishtar, with Max ATK of 12252 and Max HP of 13965.

Fate/Grand Order puts players in the role of master as they play through a story featuring many servants from across the Fate franchise. The game’s storyline follows the events after it’s discovered that the world will go extinct in 2018. Players must work with servants to change the course of history and fight against the fate of humanity.

Fate/Grand Order is available now on iOS and Android devices.

You can watch bother gameplay trailers below:



Author’s take: It seems like the west is catching up to Japan on some these Fate/Grand Order events. I’m gonna be super busy aren’t I. Good luck to anyone trying to summon Ishtar.

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