Fate/Grand Order Gets Shinjuku Story Chapter Character Trailers

In preparation for the English server of Fate/Grand Order’s upcoming story update; ‘Pseudo-singularity I, Quarantined Territory of Madness, Shinjuku’, AniplexUS has released a collection of videos showcasing the Noble Phantasms (special moves) of some new characters.

Unlike previous reveals, ones connected to some of the new story updates will keep the ‘true names’ of Servants and their Noble Phantasm’s secret. At least until you find out their true identities in the story, or look them up using the internet. Until then the characters will remain as ‘(class) of (origin)’.

All three of these servants are of chaotic evil alignment, and once their first-rate up summoning banner goes live with the launch of Shinjuku, both 4* servants will be added to the summoning pool. 5* Archer of Shinjuku is a limited servant and will only be obtainable during a rate up summoning banner.

The Shinjuku update should go live sometime next week, Fate/Grand Order is available worldwide for mobile devices on Android or iOS.

You can find the trailer for 5* servant, Archer of Shinjuku, 4* servant, Assassin of Shinjuku, and 4* servant, Avenger of Shinjuku below:



Author’s Take: You should know I’m excited. After all, this story update has one of my favorite literary characters of all time. But I can’t say whom because that could be a spoiler.

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