Fate/Grand Order Finale Story Chapter Announced

Fate/Grand Order’s last story chapter, Babylonia, was released just a week ago and it is utterly huge (so big, it’s getting its own anime adaptation next year). That, however, isn’t stopping the development team from announcing on social media and the official site that the next chapter will be ready for release on the 20th of December. A mere two weeks after the previous chapter launched.

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The next and final Singularity, Solomon, The Grand Temple of Time, is the grand culmination of everything the story has gone through so far. The chapter will release akin to a raid event in which players will have to team up and eradicate powerful demons to clear the way to the final opponent. Unlike previous raid events, there is no turn limit per battle, allowing you to more effectively use stall-based strategies with your likely destructive arsenal of servants. Please be advised that the raid bosses will be limited time quests and that once these time-limited quests are over, the raid bosses will be simplified for later starting players.

At some point during the event, a temporary banner will be released featuring the critically acclaimed 5-star servant, the mage of flowers, Merlin. Whilst we don’t yet have the date on this banner, Aniplex posted a teaser featuring his Noble Phantasm on their youtube channel (which you can view below). Merlin is one of the most powerful servants in the game and is extremely powerful on nearly every team. Don’t be disappointed if you miss out though, as every whale and their mother will be pulling for him and it will be very, very easy to use someone else’s support Merlin.

In addition to this, there will be a ‘Final Singularity Pre-Release Campaign’, which will give players enough quartz to pull 10 times on a banner if you can clear Babylonia before the launch of the final singularity. To assist players with this, daily AP restoring items are being given to all players each day and story missions in Babylonia will have their AP cost reduced by half.

Quartz Campaign

Fate/Grand Order is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Author’s Take: I AM SO UNBELIEVABLE HYPED YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Now is the PERFECT time to get into Grand Order if you haven’t already, and you really should. Hmmm, maybe I should write something about that….. Good luck to everyone using that quartz. Hopefully, you get some good stuff!

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