Fate/Grand Order ‘Epic of Remnant: Agartha’ Trailer and Pre-Release Campaign

AniplexUS has dropped the trailer for the upcoming Fate/Grand Order story segment, Pseudo-Singularity II ‘Agartha’. As mentioned back with the unveiling of Psuedo-Singularity I, these story chapters are part of the current story arc, ‘Epic of Remnant’. Broken up into four chapters and released throughout the year, each ‘Epic’ is it’s own self-contained story, taking place after the main story of the game. Whilst you will need to clear ‘Grand Order’ to access the Epics, there is no specified order to complete them in. So if you want to go straight into Agartha, be my guest.

No, seriously. Be my guest. Agartha is my least favorite of the ‘Epics’ and I’d recommend clearing it as soon as possible if you want to clear them. The ‘Epics’ are not required to be completed to access Fate/Grand Order’s Part 2 story arc. That story arc isn’t even until next year, so feel free to take your time.

When the chapter goes live for the English server three servants will also receive animation updates. These are, 5* Rider class servant ‘Francis Drake’, 4* Saber class servant ‘Chevalier d’Eon’ and  4* Beserker class servant ‘Heracles’.  And finally, any servants that are not male will receive additional bond points when you use them in Agartha.

You can watch the teaser for the Epic below.


Additionally, there is a pre-release campaign that will entitle all players to various rewards if the Facebook and Twitter posts receive enough hits. You can check those out below.

Agartha rewards

Agartha will launch on June 21. Fate/Grand Order is available now on iOS and Android devices. May the RNG bless your gacha pulls.

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