Fate/Grand Order’s ‘Dead Heat Summer Race’ Swimsuit Event kicks into Gear

Leaving you no time to spare, the rerun of last year’s summer event will be immediately followed by this year’s event. The “Dead Heat Summer Race”  is this year’s summer event featuring new swimsuit versions of your favorite female characters who didn’t get one last year.

Beginning on July 29 through August 20, fans will be able to play through a new event that finds Master enjoying a break with Mash. During their vacation, Ishtar shows up with some news that she found a new Singularity and warns the two that the world will be in danger if something isn’t done. After stopping Mash from requesting an official Order, Ishtar informs the duo that there is a way to eliminate the Singularity, which happens to be a cross country race. How fun!

Currently, the event will feature a 4-star Ishtar (who will be given to players for free), with 5-star Nero Claudius (caster) , 4-star Frankenstein (saber), 4-star Nitocris (assassin), 4-star Oda Nobunaga (beserker) available through summoning. Each of the characters will have summer attire on and function differently to their previous versions.

Additionally, the publisher released a new trailer for the event that services a nice introduction to the festivities. There are also character trailers available, showcasing the noble phantasm/special attacks for each of the first wave characters, with three more characters to be announced soon.

You can watch the trailers below:







Good luck to anyone pulling, I myself will be going for Nobu. She’s mega cute.

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