Fate/Grand Order, Challenge Quests and New Story Updates Unveiled

Aniplex has unveiled some of the future content coming for the English version of TYPE-MOON’s Fate/Grand Order.

A kick-off commemorative campaign will be held before, and continue into the FGO U.S.A TOUR live event at the Los Angeles’ California Market Centre, which will be on February 23 and 24.

This commemorative campaign has already begun and will continue until the end of the live event. The campaign will include what is called ‘Memorial Quests’, a collection of quests that allow you to refight some of the iconic battles from each story chapter, right up until Babylon.

Beating a quest will reward the player with a summon ticket, and after beating all seven quests, the player will be able to access a special challenge quest. Unlocking each quest requires the player to beat the associated story chapter. However, these quests won’t be as easy as those chapters were. The special challenge quest will feature the introduction of a new mechanic known as ‘break bars’. These break bars will show up on more powerful bosses and act as an extra HP gauge, adding difficulty, strategy, and drama to your ensuing fights.

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There will also be a special rotating banner for you to pull from if you want a servant that was featured in one of the singularities. If you wanted a particular 4 or 5-star servant, pulling during this campaign is a good idea.

Alongside this, Aniplex has shown off the trailer for the first chapter of the ‘Epic of Remnant’.; Pseudo-Singularity I, Quarantined Territory of Madness, Shinjuku. Each ‘Epic’ is it’s own self-contained story, taking place after the main story of Grand Order. As such, to access it when it goes live, the player must have completed all previously existing story content. You can watch the trailer below.

There is also a prerelease follower campaign that will reward players with useful materials, you can find the twitter and facebook links here.

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The new story chapter should drop within the next week or so. Fate Grand/Order is available worldwide on Android and iOS devices.

Author’s Notes: Good grief this article is laaaate. I’m super excited for Shinjuku as it uses some of my favorite characters. This is gonna be a blast.

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