Fate/Grand Order Announces ‘Fate/Extra CCC’ Themed Event

Aniplex USA has dropped a new trailer for the latest Fate/Grand Order event. ‘BB Strikes Back, Let’s Meet in the Digital Sea’, is an event that takes place in collaboration with the game ‘Fate/Extra CCC’, a PSP game that functions as a pseudo-sequel to Fate/Extra.

What makes this event really interesting is that Fate/Extra CCC has never been released in English.
The title was released in Japan during late March of 2013, about a year and a half after the vita released there. Fate/Extra was released in the US in late November 2011, only a few months before the vita made it overseas. So it seemed Aksys or Ghostlight, never saw fit to bring the follow-up title to the west.

The announcement comes with a pre-release campaign which consists of a few tasty tidbits. If the original posts (found here) get enough shares, all players are entitled to a collection of rewards. Alongside this, players can complete a bonus quest to receive a new outfit based upon Hakuno’s attire in Fate/Extra CCC and a summoning campaign featuring servants from Fate/Extra is live in case you want a character from that game within your ranks.

Fate/Grand Order is available worldwide for Android and iOS devices. We’ll keep you posted on more event details.

Author’s Notes: This is really late because I’m gonna post a few more things about this, even so, stay tuned.

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