Fate/Extra Last Encore Original Soundtrack Illustration Revealed; Drawn by Mieko Hosoi

As shared in July 2022 during the Fate/Extra-themed art exhibit, the original soundtrack for the game’s anime adaption, Fate/Extra Last Encore, has become available for pre-order for ¥3,520 via Aniplex+.

This 2-disc set is scheduled to release on December 14, 2022, with orders made by December 5, 2022, guaranteed to arrive by launch day. Fans can expect 49 songs from the anime alongside an alpha recording.

Additionally, the soundtrack’s jacket illustration has been revealed to be drawn by Mieko Hosoi, fully viewable below:


More avenues of information can be perused via the anime’s official website.

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Published by Aniplex, this console edition will include voices, higher-definition artwork, and extra language options for English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

The game tells the story of a trio who lives together in an old western mansion on the outskirts of a Japanese town. Rumors say that a witch lives in the place, and they might not be so far-fetched. After all, Aoko Aozaki does study her sorcery in the area under the tutelage of Alice Kuonji.

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