Fatal Fury City of the Wolves Plans to Feature Rollback Netcode & a Modern Control Scheme

The Japanese outlet 4Gamer recently interviewed Yasuyuki Oda from SNK about the upcoming Fatal Fury City of the Wolves. This is a pretty dense interview that covers plenty of topics, but there are at least two worth bringing attention to.

Thanks to Twitter user @gatoray_kof, it has been highlighted that Fatal Fury City of the Wolves is planned to include rollback netcode and a modernized control scheme.

The former reduces input lag online and provides a generally smoother and more cohesive online experience. As for modern controls, newer fighting games are making such control schemes to appeal to new players inexperienced with fighting games.

Oda also mentioned how the seven scratches on the title’s logo signify that this is a numbered Fatal Fury entry.

You can view the relevant comments from the interview translated below, via our team’s Ryuji:

Interviewer: Am I correct in assuming that this is a sequel to FATAL FURY MARK OF THE WOLVES (MotW), or in other words, a title that depicts the “after” story?

Oda: I can’t give you the details yet, but may I direct your eyes here? Do you see the seven scratches on the right of the title logo? That means that it is a numbered entry of the FATAL FURY series.


Interviewer: I understand. So, what do you think of the recent trends in fighting games, such as rollback netcode and [easier to grasp controls]? I’d like to hear what SNK feels about that.

Oda: Rollback is already a must, so we will support it in this title. We also want to include easy controls, or as we call them in Street Fighter, “modern controls,” although they won’t be exactly the same, in a way.

You can view the full interview via 4Gamer’s official website.

In case you missed it, check out the teaser trailer for Fatal Fury City of the Wolves.

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