You Can’t Fast Travel in Trials of Mana, but There Are Ways to Quickly Get Around

In Trials of Mana, the world can get rather large after the first few hours of gameplay, which might cause you to check the map and menus for a fast travel option. Sadly, there isn’t one, but there are a few different modes of transportation that will make getting around easier.

For starters, we have the cannon, which is unlocked as part of the game’s storyline and has the group of adventurers go on a short quest to find an item that will make it work. However, this means of travel shouldn’t rely on too much as you don’t really have a choice about where you land. This also means you’ll most likely only use the canon when instructed to do so by a current objective.

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A more traditional means of traveling to areas is by sea. This can be done after escaping a natural disaster by Vuscav. In order to ride him, however, you’ll need to head to a beach and use the flute provided to you by the Hero King. Vuscav can only drop you off at beaches, though, but getting around is a bit more manageable with his help.

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Lastly, there’s Flammie, a helpful dragon-like creature who flies you to any destination you choose. However, the drop off point is predetermined by the game, so you may find yourself far away from where you want to be. Still, this is the best way to get around, even though it’s unlocked near the last chapters of the game.

So, while there isn’t a fast travel option, players can get around easier with the assistance of a few helpful creatures.

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