Farming Simulator 19 is Free on Epic Store With More Free Games Planned for 2020

Does your life require a simulated farming experience? Well, it just so happens that the Giants Software GmbH-developer Farming Simulator 19 is currently free on Epic Store, until February 6.

Epic Games has been doing this free game campaign since 2019, and we’re happy to see it transcend into the new year. CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney said in a statement, “It’s been a great way to bring in new players, make people aware of existing games have been out there for a while. It turns out we can go to developers, pay them for the rights to release their game for free in our store for a week, and then go and give those games to gamers.”

This shows in the game that Epic has been providing to users for free. There is a diverse catalog of games offered across genres. Sweeney shares, “We can bring in new customers to our store more economically then actually paying Facebook or Google for ads to annoy people to come to our store. So we’ve been really happy with that.”

This confirms that paying for a game’s rights is cheaper than purchasing ad space. The company is putting in the effort to bring users to the platform, but whether it will pay off for them, in the long run, is yet to be seen. You can watch the entire Stream, broadcast last Christmas, to learn more about the company’s push to gain users.

Next week free games will include:

Remember, Farming Simulator is free until February 6. Visit NoisyPixel and stay tuned for more Epic Games offers and freebies.

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