Farming RPG ‘Fields of Mistria’ Reveals New Gameplay Trailer; Features 12 Romance Candidates & Magic

During the latest Wholesome Direct Showcase, developer and publisher NPC Studio unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming farming simulation RPG, Fields of Mistria.

Featuring trailer guest music by Toby Fox of Undertale and Deltarune fame, players can anticipate character and farm customization, farming, fishing, mining, crafting, and romance options across twelve candidates. Moreover, animals can be raised and bred, birthing rare color variants.

Further, there will be combat bolstered by a magic system also used for farming, and ancient ruins can be explored. You’ll also get to know over 30 villagers who all have their own stories. Lastly, as the seasons change in-game, new quests, festivals, and villager outfits will arrive.

You can view official screenshots of Fields of Mistria via our gallery below:

You can view the latest trailer for Fields of Mistria below:

Fields of Mistria will launch for PC via Steam in 2024. Wishlisting is now available.

For more information and further updates, check out the game’s official website.

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