Fantasy Tavern Sextet: Vol.3 Postlude Days Review – Long Live the Sextet

    Title: Fantasy Tavern Sextet: Vol.3 Postlude Days 
    Developer: qureate
    Release Date: March 18, 2021
    Reviewed On: Switch
    Publisher: qureate
    Genre: Visual Novel

We’ve made it to the final entry of this otherworldly fantasy adventure. Developer qureate has been building out this harem adventure and delivers Fantasy Tavern Sextet: Vol.3 Postlude Days. While it concludes the story, if you’ve managed to stick through the series this long, then you know what to expect. This entry doesn’t introduce anything new outside of two more girls to romance.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet: Vol.3 Postlude Days beings right after the conclusion of Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol.2. We learn more about how Anzu found her way into this world and why the other girls disapprove. However, one thing is for sure, adding Anzu to the mix provides a new direction for conversations since she already knows the protagonist. We don’t have to go through the learning phase of their relationship, but we do get to witness their overall relationship blossom.

On top of this, we finally get to learn more about Plumeria who has been avoiding our reach since volume 1. She doesn’t have too much to offer the group, but her shy attitude is something that is needed to balance out all the strong personalities of the rest of the characters. It’s strange because I wasn’t really sure how much she was needed until the final act. This entry would have been far less without her to bridge each of the entries together while adding a new distraction to whatever plot this story still has.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol.3 1

In retrospect, Fantasy Tavern Sextet: Vol.3 Postlude Days is almost identical to the previous entries in terms of illustrations, backgrounds, and music. Everything makes a return here, but the developer still offers us some high-quality CGs that rival many other eroge titles. Sadly, another feature makes a return as well; the choices still don’t matter, and you’ll get the sweet harem ending no matter what you do. I’m not giving away the full conclusion, but you should have seen this group party from a mile away by now.

The more interesting aspects of the story revolve around the Stray Sheep establishing its greatness and beating out the nearby rivals while the protagonist looks for a way home. The relationship with the group of girls is tenser in this entry since Anzu and Plumeria aren’t seen as a pair as the other four girls are. If the writers were trying to shake things up with this, they did enough because I was begging for anything different to make this entry worth it. In the end, it worked, and I started to enjoy the distinct level of insanity each character brought to the narrative while adding just a dash of emotion.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol.3 2

Each entry in the series seems to suffer from one strange text error where there isn’t a space after the comma. I always hoped this would be fixed, but it just keeps happening. As I’m speed reading these conversations, it sometimes throws me off considerably. However, the translation itself is playful and delivers the scenes accurately. I didn’t feel like I was ever missing out on anything, but honestly, you’re only here for cute girls and comedic situations, which this entry delivers in spades.

I appreciate using the emote system in the character illustrations, as it makes the lengthy scenes a little easier to digest. Many of this entry takes place in the tavern, which makes conversations feel longer than they are. Still, the team did a great job of showing the girl’s emotions during every line delivery. The developer also builds out their universe by bringing in some familiar faces from their previous visual novel.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol.3 4

Fantasy Tavern Sextet: Vol.3 Postlude Days is just more of the same. However, if you’ve made it this far then, you’ll be getting the best this series has to offer. At least we can say that it ended on a high note in terms of writing. However, the reused assets make this entry lack the grand finale feelings that I hoped for.

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