Fantasy Tavern Sextet Series Sells Over 300,000 Copies Worldwide; There’s Likely One…Or Rather Two Reasons Why This Is

Qureate announced that their fantasy visual novel series Fantasy Tavern Sextet has sold over 300,000 copies worldwide. The trilogy of titles are all available on Nintendo Switch and PC digitally, with the PC version containing adult CGs.

I reviewed Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol.1 New World Days, Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol.2 Adventurer’s Days, and Fantasy Tavern Sextet Vol.3 Postlude Days to be a part of the conversation. While the series is very mid from a story perspective, I will say the characters are rather charming, and the dedication to past IPs from the developer makes it more fun as a fan to witness. I can promise you, though, that those sales aren’t really for the story, but you know what? More power to Qureate for capturing our degenerate hearts.

Fantasy Tavern Sextet begins after a young cook toiling away in the shadows of an Akihabara maid cafe finds himself inexplicably transported to a fantastical realm brimming with magic and teeming with monsters. Bereft of any means to return home and bewildered by his predicament, he faces a dire encounter with a menacing creature. In a twist of fate, Lupine, the proprietor of the “Stray Sheep” tavern, intervenes just in time to rescue him.

In gratitude, the cook is led to “The Stray Sheep” by Lupine, only to discover a desolate and forlorn establishment bereft of patrons. Faced with limited options, he makes the choice to assist Lupine in rejuvenating The Stray Sheep, realizing that an influx of adventurers could potentially offer a solution for his own journey home.

Drawing upon the culinary skills honed during his stint at the maid cafe, he embarks on a mission to rescue the tavern from its precarious financial situation. Amidst the backdrop of a fantasy world’s tavern, this unconventional and humor-laden tale unfolds, promising a blend of laughter, tears, and romantic entanglements in a whimsical harem drama.

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