Fanmade Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer Has Launched Publicly

The fanmade Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer has now launched for public use via the game’s PC version on Epic Games Store. Developed by WaterKH and Critic Perfect, this mod adds immense replayability to the title. Players can choose to go to any world in the game from the start, including the Re Mind DLC content and Limit Cut data organization battles. In addition, item and reward contents are randomized across every unique seed, demanding continually evolving on-the-fly experimentation from proficient players. Ability locations also join that aforementioned fray.

To beat the Randomizer, players must obtain the three proofs, which are scattered throughout any particular corner of the game. Then, once retrieved, the path to Scala ad Caelum opens, granting passage to the final battles. Seeds are manually made and are customizable to make them more welcoming for those desiring particular levels of challenge.

A link to the Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer Discord can be accessed via WaterKH’s tweet announcing the project’s public launch.

If you missed it, check out our coverage of the interview WaterKH and Critic Perfect partook in ahead of the Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer’s release.

You can view the official trailer for the Kingdom Hearts III Randomizer below, courtesy of Kingdom Hearts community member and variety streamer, Tatsoomaki. Mr. Matthews and NotSoMewwo provided the design and animation for the logo design and modeling respectively. Matthews also created new custom textures for the project. Lastly, graphic designer Kimpchuu designed the new third proof not present in the normal game, the Proof of Fantasy.

A comprehensible guide for setting up the Randomizer via its website has been uploaded by Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XIV community member Bio-Roxas, viewable below:

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