Fan Gets Xemnas’ Voice Actor To Record The Unknown’s Voice Lines In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

Kingdom Hearts fan Chrisora recently revealed noteworthy audio regarding Kingdom Hearts Final Mix in a video he uploaded for the fan-led event, March Caprice 2.0. Throughout this digital event last weekend, Kingdom Hearts worldwide showcased their love for the series by producing video essays, illustrating celebratory anniversary artwork, providing written analyses, and much more.

Chrisora’s video compared the events of the first Kingdom Hearts game’s various iterations, including its manga and light novel adaptions. What is most notable, though, is that at roughly 28-minutes in his video, he showcased audio he has of Xemnas’ voice actor, Paul St. Peter, voicing the Unknown in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. For those who aren’t aware, the Unknown is an added boss battle in the Final Mix version of the first game. Further, while his identity is not shared in this battle, he’s later confirmed to be Xemnas, the final boss of Kingdom Hearts II.

However, throughout these scenes in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Unknown is not voiced, making this newly unveiled audio by Chrisora genuinely significant. For added context, he stated that he received this audio from a radio show interview that he did years ago.

You can view the video where Paul St. Peter voices the Unknown in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix below:

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