Fan Made VA-11 Hall-A Game Boy Style Adventure ‘Jill’s Day’ Demo Released; We Don’t Understand a Thing, But it’s Super Cute

A small group of developers have released a demo for their adventure game Jill’s Day, starring Julianne Natalie Stingray (Jill) from VA-11 Hall-A to celebrate her birthday.

The game is a derivative adventure game created in GB Studio. Players won’t have to solve mysteries or reach certain flags to trigger events. Instead, they can just explore the areas, background music and talk to some of the characters. The team released the demo in Japanese, but they are currently looking for translators to help bring it to English.

With the demo released, the team is also looking for feedback from players. There’s still a lot they’d like to add to the game, so they are hoping to cooperate with the community to bring new scenarios and content to the adventure.

Jill’s Day is available to play in browser from the creator’s page now.

Happy birthday to Jill, and good luck to the developers.

You can check out screenshots below:

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