Fan Discovers Echoes of Mana Victory Theme Sounds Strangely Familiar to Kingdom Hearts Union Cross’ Victory Theme

Square Enix has unleashed the mobile RPG gacha Echoes of Mana into the world. During gameplay, players follow various storylines based on different entries in the Mana series. Further, players can add party members from those titles to the party in an attempt to save the Mana Tree.

However, fans playing on day one were quick to realize that this title shares a few designs and musical aspects with the Square Enix published Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. Twitter user @kakaichigo shared the victory theme song of Echoes of Mana and noticed that it sounds wildly familiar to Kingdom Hearts Union Cross.

You can listen for yourself below:

The concept of this free-to-play game includes reliving scenes from multiple Mana titles. This title includes cutscenes from the remakes Adventures of ManaSecret of ManaTrials of Mana, and the PS2 game Dawn of Mana. By experiencing those memories, players are tasked with finding a legendary sword long lost and returning the world to order. Additionally, the development team is Wright Flier Studios, known for their work on Another Eden.

Be sure to look out for our review of the title to be posted soon.

Echoes of Mana is available now on iOS and Android.

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