Fallout 76 New Content Dropping With 16 Times the Detail

Fallout 76 announced a new Expansion named Steel Reign coming July 7, 2021, and a new expedition coming sometime in 2022.

The Steel Reign trailer focused on the story of the new expansion, which featured the infamous Brotherhood of Steel. There has been a divide between the two main factions of the Brotherhood. Each thinking they know what is best for the future. You can decide their fate in a choice that will never be undone.

The new expedition Trailer focused instead on showing off an environment as we hear a pilot scream for his team. A monster slowly drags something away, and then we end with seeing the Welcome to the Pitt sign. This is the main location from one of the DLC of Fallout 3 set in a post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh. Showing that Bethesda isn’t afraid to hit nostalgia for some sales.

Steel Reign and The Pitt Expedition will be free for people who already own and play Fallout 76, just adding more value to the game. If you missed both of the trailers, check them out below.

Steel Reign

The Pitt Expedition

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