Fallen Legion Revenants ‘Crimson Rose’ Update Rebalances Entire Game, Enhances Animations, and More

The official Fallen Legion Twitter account has announced that their recently released action-strategy RPG, Fallen Legion Revenants, has received the ‘Crimson Rose’ update. This lofty renovation fundamentally alters the currently provided gameplay experience in the title with inherent changes to the battle system and other mechanics.

You can read the listing of the changes for Fallen Legion Revenants via the upcoming ‘Crimson Rose’ update below:

  • New option to choose a difficulty level.
  • Archeus Fusion system – players can combine Archeus to boost usable characters further.
  • Exemplar Animations have been revised, so they react swifter.
  • Gameplay has been rebalanced with retuned enemies and bosses.
  • Inventory system now has key item hints, additional tutorials, and other QoL fixes.
  • 12 additional deathblows (1 per Exemplar) have been added.

These alterations are rather impressive as they show the development team’s dedication to making this experience as qualitative as possible. I am looking forward to trying out this new update since, while the title had its enjoyable elements, it quickly grew mundane and monotonous. The revised animations for faster reactions is one of the changes that excites me the most because battles tended to drag on for just a tad too long for my liking.

Fallen Legion Revenants is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

If you missed it, be sure to check out our review of the title back during its initial launch on PlayStation 4.

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