Action-Adventure ‘Fallen Angel’ Revealed for Switch in Gameplay Trailer

Action-Adventure ‘Fallen Angel’ Revealed for Switch in Gameplay Trailer

V Publishing announced they are publishing the Matrioshka Games-developed action-adventure RPG Fallen Angel for Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam for a Fall 2020 launch.

Fallen Angel has players assume the role of Lucifer who has been already exiled from Heaven. It seems God has gone silent and the Archangels ban together to hatch their own plans for the realm. Lucifer then sets out to travel back up to heaven to take matters into his own hands and figure out what’s really going on.

Fallen Angel features hack-and-slash gameplay elements where players will fight there where through different environments. Each realm is led by an Archangel that the player will need to face in order to progress. The battle systems allow players to unleash combo attacks by juggling their enemies and launching them into the air. Lucifer is also capable of executing counterattacks and wield a variety of weapon types.

The developer also has a demo of Fallen Angel hosted on the Steam page. Players can get a preview of the game’s mechanics and the battle system as well as provide feedback to the developer to assist in development.

The publisher released a new trailer showing the game in action, which you can watch below:

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