“Falcom Boss Rush Phase 3” Fan Album Now Available; Features 9 Arrangements from Trails, Brandish & More

“Falcom Boss Rush Phase 3” Fan Album Now Available; Features 9 Arrangements from Trails, Brandish & More

Fan musician group Resonant Union has announced that their next album, Falcom Boss Rush Phase 3, is now available.

Following the team’s Falcom Boss Rush Phase 1 and Falcom Boss Rusg Phase 2 albums, this final phase includes arrangements of songs from the Trails series, Brandish, Zwei!!, and more.

The following songs are present, with artist credits and originating games also featured:

To the Future

  • Arrangement: sincx, Philip Saguil, R-Man, MB
  • Cello: Marcus Ho
  • Piano: Philip Saguil
  • Choir Programming: Sami Najed
  • Acoustic Guitars: MB
  • Electric Guitar: Rammy, R-Man
  • Shakuhachi: MB
  • Source: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV


  • Arrangement: sincx
  • Source: Brandish


  • Arrangement: Justin Thornburgh
  • Source: Brandish

A Gravestone Struck by Lightning

  • Arrangement: E-Sarge
  • Piano: Philip Saguil
  • Marimba: E-Sarge
  • Bongos: E-Sarge
  • Clapping: E-Sarge
  • Tambourine: E-Sarge
  • Shaker: E-Sarge
  • Cajon: E-Sarge
  • Source: The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC

Geist Wraith

  • Arrangement: sincx
  • Source: Popful Mail

Final Battle -Demon Lord Vesper

  • Arrangement: Philip Saguil
  • Piano: Philip Saguil
  • Source: Zwei!!

La Valse pour Xanadu -Lavènement du Diable

  • Arrangement: SomeSpoonyBard
  • Source: Xanadu Next

The Time Has Come

  • Arrangement: Philip Saguil
  • Source: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

The Perfect Steel of SEVEN

  • Arrangement: Philip Saguil
  • Violin: optimizasean
  • Trumpet: Brendan Agnew
  • Guitar: MB
  • Vocals: Emma Kobin
  • Clarinet: donut
  • Accordion: Justin Thornburgh
  • Based on: Rivalry of the Seven -Excellion Krieg- | Law of the Battlefield | Quiet Diplomacy | Unfathomed Force | Castle of the Saint / Aria −Holy Saint, Holy Spirit− | Heimdallr, the Vermillion Capital | E.O.V | Inner Twilight | Bareahard, the Verdant City | All-Knowing One | The Decisive Collision | Blue Destination | Doomsday Trance | Class VII | Majestic Roar | Celestial Coalescence | Spiral of Erebos | Zero Encounter | The Perfect Steel of ZERO | Great Power | Ashita e no Kodou | To A Glimmering Tomorrow | Zero Break Battle | The Perfect Steel of SEVEN
  • Source: The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure | Trails of Cold Steel | Trails of Cold Steel II | Trails of Cold Steel III | Trails of Cold Steel IV | Trails into Reverie

You can download this full album via MEGA in either FLAC or MP3 file formats. Alternatively, you can listen to the debut broadcast containing each aforementioned arrangement below or listen to them individually via the fan-led Falcom Music YouTube Channel.

YuzuKiyochii illustrated the album’s cover art, and the album was mastered by FireFallsMusic and YourVinished, with the overall project being organized by Recca. Further, the video editing and thumbnail were crafted by MBMichael with special thanks to Bainonis, and the booklet is by FireFallsMusic.

Resonant Union recently published a fan-led arrangement of several tracks from Falcom’s action JRPG Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure, even featuring the original composer. They also made an Ys 35th anniversary album titled “Days of Adventure.”

You can listen to Falcom Boss Rush 3 below:

The Trails of Cold Steel / Trails of Cold Steel IV native PlayStation 5 double pack will launch on February 16, 2024.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC in the West in Summer 2024.

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