Fairy Tail Interview – Post-Game Content, Crossover DLC, and Plenty of Adventure

We are on the brink of developer Gust’s Fairy Tail adventure RPG and they hype could not be higher. After several delays, the game is finally gearing up to release to fans everywhere.

For those looking for more information on the release, we’ve got you covered. We had the chance to ask producer Keisuke Kikuchi questions about the game’s development, release, post-game content, and DLC to hold you off a few more days until the official release.

Azario Lopez: As we approach Fairy Tail’s release date, what’s the mood like in the office right now?

Keisuke Kikuchi: As many of the staff are still working from home, and even within the office there is ample space between each person, it feels a bit lonely. However, each member of the team is vigorously working on the promotional videos and DLC from their own separate locations.

AL: In retrospect, do you feel like delaying the game ultimately made it better? Would you say that the product is up to your standards as a fan of the series?

KK: We want to thank all of the fans for waiting, and apologize for making everyone wait a bit longer. Before, the game was not up to our standards and many times we would realize different elements we could add to rectify this. With the extra development time we were able to add in a lot of additional content and improve the game overall, which gave us the confidence that this will be a game the fans can truly enjoy.

FAIRY TAIL Ultear Battle 03

AL: How creative did you get with the Unison Raid attack animations? Since they seem to be over-the-top and epic. Do you have any favorite Unison Raid attacks?

KK: The Unison Raids, which occur from Magic Chain abilities, is one of the most thrilling aspects of FAIRY TAIL, so we put a lot of effort into making them. Mashima-sensei oversaw all of the original Unison Raids that we added. He allowed us to freely design them, and our team attempted to bring out the unique traits of the characters through these abilities. My personal favorite is Gray and Juvia’s Unison Raid.

AL: Do you feel that this game can be accessible to those who have no experience with the Fairy Tail franchise?

KK: Our goal for this project was to ensure that the fans of the FAIRY TAIL series would enjoy the game. However, many aspects of the manga and anime work perfectly as a game, such as the unique characters who grow stronger throughout the story and the world itself, which is overflowing with fantasy elements. Thanks to these aspects, I think that even players that are unfamiliar with the story can still enjoy the game. If this title is a player’s first foray into the series, they can watch the anime to learn more about the story, and I would be thrilled if they end up enjoying both the game and the anime.

FAIRY TAIL Flare Battle 01

AL: Will there be anything for players to do post-game?

KK: Yes, we prepared end game content for players to enjoy. We hope players can try to perfect their party in order to take on S rank quests.

AL: You’ve been the producer on many projects, did you approach this game any differently than previous titles you’ve worked on?

KK: While original IPs involve creating content that will generate new fans of the series, FAIRY TAIL already has a large number of dedicated fans. We designed the game around several important considerations such as what the fans would like to see implemented into the game and what they would have fun with.

fairy tail 7

AL: Is there any future DLC character that you can tease for us or perhaps when players can expect to see new additional content, free or paid?

KK: We are working towards implementing a photo mode like the one that was widely praised in Atelier Ryza. This will allow players to take pictures of various characters from FAIRY TAIL and choose their favorite costumes to dress them up in. We will be announcing additional characters being added as DLC in the future, but we can say that one of them is most likely a certain character that is part of a pair from the Fairy Tail guild.

AL: There’s currently a Ryza costume available in the game, do you have plans for any other crossover costumes?

KK: There are currently no plans to incorporate other crossover costumes. The reason for this is that there is a lot of content we want to add from the FAIRY TAIL series. However, if there is a large enough demand for more crossover costumes, I’d definitely like to consider it.

FAIRY TAIL Ultear Battle 02

AL: Now, I know it’s early, but what are the chances of Ciel nosurge DX and Ar nosurge DX coming west?

KK: I am really glad that western fans know about the Surge Concerto series. I would like to hear from western players so that we can gauge how much demand there is for the series.

AL: Is there anything you would like to tell fans who are awaiting the launch of Fairy Tail?

KK: Thank you for waiting, we are happy that the release date for Fairy Tail is soon approaching. Thanks to the extra time we were able to add in even more content and brush up on the overall production of the game. We hope that players can enjoy the world of FAIRY TAIL while choosing their own unique way to play the game. Whether that is leveling up your characters, collecting Lacrima, or building up your guild, we hope you can all enjoy becoming the No. 1 guild in Fiore!

Fairy Tail is coming to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 30 in Europe and July 31 in North America.

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