Extended Demo of Evenicle 2 Gets Steam Release Date

Alicesoft announced that they will release Evenicle 2: Clinical Trial Edition on PC-via Steam on August 17 as a way to collect feedback from western players.

Evenicle 2: Clinical Trial Edition is an extended demo of the game that features one of seven different chapters. Players are able to recruit up to three party members and level them up through battles. The demo also gives players a preview of Alex’s healing abilities and flirting skills as he can romance Yuragi.

However, saves in the Clinical Trial Edition are not compatible with the full game. Still, players will have the option to begin the game from the end of the first chapter in the full release.

Evenicle 2 takes place during a time when an illness has spread across the world known as the “Hero Disease.” If someone with the illness uses magic, they will die. Powerful warriors from around the world have teamed up to take out the monsters thought to be responsible for the plague. However, the efforts are becoming harder as more and more heroes pass away.

That’s where the protagonist of this adventure, Alex, steps in to help. Blessed with a legendary healing ability, Alex sets out to cure the female warriors affected and save them.

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You can check out some screenshots below:

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