Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair Review

Over the years, I’ve found that I spend more and more time at a computer or sitting down. Whether I’m working or playing video games for hours on end, it’s my back and posture that is sadly most affected by it. Today, I’ll be looking at the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair, a gaming chair for those like me who use their station for both work and gaming. Thankfully for me, this is a chair that seems to emphasize support.

The unboxing and assembly of the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair was painless, which is always a plus for any new product. Every part of the chair has a weight to it that makes it feel like quality, but we all know that comfort is key in a gaming chair. That said, the chair’s design is made for comfort, and you feel that the moment you sit down. The chair seems to form around you, which we’ll get into a bit later.

While I’m not a heavy set person, the chair’s design might be a bit awkward for those who have a bigger midsection. The sides of the seat cushion ramp up almost vertically as if trying to lead the user’s body to the best position. Sure, this worked perfectly for me, but it’s something to be conscious of when looking for a new chair.

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The Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair boasts that it uses the “E-WIN Cold-Cure Foam” for its padding. This foam is on the cushier side, so expect it to form around you in support, but it doesn’t seem to have heat to it. After days of using the chair, I never experienced uncomfortable shifts in my chair due to temperature issues. Furthermore, I enjoyed the subtle form factor of the chair as it kept its comfort over hours of use.

Even with this great focus on comfort, the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair’s design can be fairly generic. Although this has become acceptable in the community of gaming chairs, I feel like what this chair accomplishes in terms of comfort should make it stand out through its design. Still, the “E-WIN 2.0 PU Leather” is an excellent alternative to leather, and after testing a few controlled spills, I never had an issue with the cleanup.

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As for additional features, the chair does feature a “nap mode,” which allows users to recline the Backrest. This is where the shape of the chair’s seat shines as it positions you in a nice area to catch a few Z’s. While the Armrests adjust to multiple areas, they do feel like the weakest part of the chair. Pressing the buttons and moving them around can be confusing when trying to figure out which button does what and the hollow plastic feel of them doesn’t pair well with the comfortability of the chair. That said, there is enough customization here to get them to do precisely what you want.

I also opted to use the pillows that came with the chair for this review. Going along with this chair’s dedication to comfort, the pillows only compliment this. Back support is everything here, and the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair doesn’t seem to pull any punches when it comes to staying true to that.

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When it comes to the Ewinracing Champion Series Gaming Chair, it’s clear that this team understands the support and how to deliver that to the user. From the subtle form-fitting nature of the chair’s seat to the extra attention spent on providing great back support, this is an excellent chair for office work or gaming.

When it comes to the price of $349, I will say that this is a computer gaming chair definitely on the higher end of other products offered, but you get quality in this. That quality shows even more prominently over multiple uses, which makes it worth the cost of entry.

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