Everything We Learned From the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Event

Quite a bit of news revolving around Monster Hunter Rise and its upcoming expansion, Sunbreak, was revealed as part of today’s Sunbreak Digital Event, so let’s dive into what was shown-off:

Sunbreak will release on June 30th of this year, nice and early in its previous “Summer” release window. It will include a new locale, base, and a new rank titled “Master Rank.” It will feature quite a few new monsters too, four of which you can check out below:

Three new amiibo will also launch with the expansion: the Canyne Malzeno Palamute, the Malzeno itself, and the Felyne Malzeno Palico. These will unlock the Formal Dragon layered armor sets for your Hunter, Palamute, and Palico, and can be seen below alongside the “Striped Cat” and “Loyal Dog” layered bonuses for pre-ordering Sunbreak:

There are various ways to purchase Sunbreak: separately if you already own Monster Hunter Rise, or in a bundle with Rise to create a seamless transition between the title and its expansion. You can also purchase the Sunbreak Deluxe Edition, which comes with the expansion as well as various layered armor sets, gestures, and hairstyles. Capcom is also currently distributing strong support items that will be handy for new players, like the Defender series of weapons, the Black Belt armor and layered armor, and the Veteran’s Talisman.

Whether or not you purchase Sunbreak, the base game will receive a title update on June 30th that will adjust weapon balance and prepare Rise for Sunbreak. It is estimated to be approximately 13GB, so make sure you have the room to install it, as you can’t play online without updating once it’s out. New event quests are also set to release until March 25h.

If you haven’t played Monster Hunter Rise yet, check out our written review, and remember that the game is currently undergoing a free trial on the Nintendo Switch. For the full details on the Sunbreak Digital Event, check out the event itself below:


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