Everything We Know About Ys X Nordics; Release Window, Consoles, Adol’s Age, Setting & More

Following significant information drops for the upcoming Ys X, we found it best to compile it all as well as forthcoming news under one article. Further, I’ll be providing notes and occasional speculation over specific points to elucidate context whenever necessary.

Adol Will be Around 17 years Old; His Age During Ys I & II

One of the first revealed bits of information via Famitsu this Summer was that the series protagonist, Adol Christin, will be around 17 years old in this upcoming entry. That is how old Adol was during Ys I and Ys II, meaning we’ll be heading back to the franchise’s start.

This decision is entirely unexpected because even though subsequent Ys games rarely ever follow directly after each other, diving back this early in time has not been done before save for Ys Origin, which is a unique circumstance. In Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, the latest release, Adol is 24, so it’s definitely going to be somewhat jarring, especially because those beginning titles were played via an overhead perspective.

Adol Will Remain Largely Mute Going Forward

Adol has always been a silent protagonist, with Ys IX being a notable exception for narrative reasons. However, the president of Falcom, Toshihiro Kondo, has stated that Adol will revert to being largely mute going forward.

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Adol Will Not Wear His Silver Armor

For those unaware, Adol’s iconic look in Ys I and Ys II comprised his Silver Armor; this equipment is even a cosmetic outfit in Ys VIII. In a recent interview, however, Kondo confirmed that due to that general design not being particularly popular nowadays, it would not be embraced in Ys X. Instead, the only image of the game we have depicts Adol in somewhat contemporary-looking attire.

Ys X and Future Games Will Not Be Text-Heavy

Kondo remarked that future Ys game releases will not be text-heavy, unlike the Trails series, as they’d prefer Ys to have a “nice, quick tempo.” This is relieving since it seems the team will be sticking to the Ys’ series strengths.

As of Mid-October 2022, Ys X Music Composition Has Not Been Done

A Kondo interview conducted by RPG Spain on October 18, 2022, revealed that music composition had not been done yet. However, considering how the game is planned to launch next year, this process will likely start soon if it hasn’t already.


Gameplay Has Undergone a Significant Shake-up

While vague, Kondo has stated several times that the gameplay systems for Ys X will significantly differ from what has come before, most notably compared to the party-based combat of Ys Seven, Celceta, VIII, and IX. Further, the weapon attributes system will alter, though specifics have not been stated.

Based on Kondo’s comments, one-on-one combat is seemingly an implied focus but not yet confirmed. If so, then the combat might hearken to the days pre-Ys Seven when there was only one playable character in a story. On a personal note, I’m hoping this means the titles will embrace harsher difficulty more since the games from Seven onward have been largely forgiving, even on higher modes.

Plot will Focus More on Areas Not Shown in Previous titles; No Romun Empire Focus

Ys X’s narrative is essentially a complete mystery for us at the moment, aside from the fact that it will not be centered around the Romun Empire, which players have heard of and seen individuals from throughout Celceta, VI, IX, and more.

Moreover, alongside the fact that there will be a focus on areas not shown in previous games, Kondo suggests that Ys X might occur in the equivalent of Northern Europe/UK. If you’re curious about the world of Ys, I highly recommend reading up on the dedicated fan wiki page detailing its various facets.

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Potential Souls-like Inspirations

Take this point with a grain of salt, as there have been differing translations and interpretations of what Kondo said during this Famitsu interview from June 2022. Regardless, following an inquiry from the interviewer regarding potential Souls-like genre integration, Kondo stated that some inspiration has been taken from the genre. Although he also said that it is not overt, meaning that Ys X will not be a souls-like, at least based on what we currently know.

To be honest, the Napishtim engine Ys games (VI, Felghana, and Origin) all had loose inherent similarities to the Souls-like genre with how bosses were approached and designed, so, if true, this inspiration wouldn’t be wholly new.

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Meant to Launch This Year for the Series’ 35th Anniversary

While a relatively minor point, Kondo stated in an interview with the Chinese outlet 4gamers that Ys X was initially meant to launch in 2022 for the franchise’s 35th anniversary. However, various considerations had to be taken into account, thereby preventing such a reality from occurring.

Release Timing & Platforms

Lastly, Nihon Falcom’s latest financial report confirmed that Ys X will be launching in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch before the end of September 2023. This will mark Falcom’s first debut title releasing for Switch alongside PlayStation consoles. Considering how the West is fully caught up with Ys games, here’s hoping a localization isn’t too distant.

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UPDATE 12/20/2022: The following information originates from our article comprising the game’s official announcement:

Nihon Falcom announced that Ys X will launch in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

From the moment we are born, we are free beings.
With no shackles to restrain us.

But as the years go on, as we grow older, we are bound by various forces.
And are gradually deprived of our freedom.

And then, one day, we yearn to return to what was once our freedom.

But…the truth is that we can always return there.

– Adol Christin (The Lost Paradise of the Northern People)

For the first time in the series, you can control a ship in Ys X! Explore vast ocean areas using nautical charts as a guide, or challenge enemy ships in naval battles, adding a new element to the joy of adventure that is the true appeal of the series!

Battles have two modes. The first is the fast-paced Solo Mode allows you to fight alone with your partner’s automatic attacks and support being controlled by the AI, while the Combo Mode allows players to control BOTH characters at the same time to fight against powerful enemies. Furthermore, the Cross Action system allows players to fight in one of the two modes depending on the situation!

Our story takes place in a place known as the Gulf of Obelia, a northern archipelago with countless islands of all sizes.

Adol Christin encounters the Norman marine tribe and an undead tribe that assaults others known as the Griegers. Just what are they…

Finally, the site mentions a mechanic known as the Mana Action. Nothing much is said about it other than the fact that it “greatly expands your freedom in the open fields and dungeons.”

Official screenshots were shared, viewable via our gallery below:

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A native PlayStation 5 version of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox was announced for Spring 2023.

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