Everyday Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family Brings Fate/Home-Cooking West This June

Aniplex of America has announced the release date for Everyday Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family. The video game based on the Fate/Stay Night spin-off series about cooking will be available for Switch on June 2nd.

Featuring some recipes from the manga as well as original content, the game takes place at Shirou Emiya’s house. Its interior is totally represented in 3D as well as the characters which are cell-shaded models. The story sections are supervised by the original mangaka (TAa) and Type-Moon, and even the new recipes are from the series’ culinary supervisor, Makoto Tadano.

While the Fate series is more known for its action iterations, Today’s MENU for EMIYA Family takes a more cozy, homely approach to its setting. In the game, Saber, Rin and Sakura are trying their hand at cooking with Shirou, making the player do the tasks necessary for the dishes, such as cutting, grilling and stir-frying. A total of eight minigames represent those steps.

Depending on how well the player fares, the girls will be evaluated by Shirou, unlocking next episodes and memories along the way. There are also daily tasks which allow the player to get new outfits for the girls. It’s also possible to take photos of them and to watch previous scenes again.

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