Everybody 1-2-Switch! Releasing for Switch June 30; Someone Somewhere Out There is Hyped Out of Their Mind

Nintendo has announced that their party game long thought to be canceled, Everybody 1-2-Switch!, will launch for Nintendo Switch physically and digitally on June 30, 2023, for $29.99.

Players can anticipate several team-based minigames that are simple enough for anyone of any age to approach. Additionally, several mode variations and challenges will make this title a wise choice for party settings. Well, presumably, at any rate.

For those unaware, Everybody 1-2-Switch! is a sequel to a Switch launch game called 1-2 Switch. It was in development for quite some time but faced several troubling issues behind-the-scenes, from reports from outlets like Fanbyte at least. According to insider sources, it tested terribly, and Nintendo was not confident in making this a fully-priced purchase.

Thankfully, its price has been cut in half, though one has to wonder if this pick-up will even be worth that much. The original 1-2 Switch was a passable early Switch game that got the job done, so if this follow-up manages to provide more of the same, I doubt many will complain. On an offhanded note, this shadow announcement was pretty unexpected.

Regardless, you can pre-order Everybody 1-2-Switch! right now, via the Nintendo Switch eShop. Perhaps some poor soul on our team will want to review this. I have no idea.

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