You Can Get Every NISA Nihon Falcom Product Available On Steam For $249 (Don’t Actually Get This)

Several franchises and developers have bundled packages on Steam where prospective customers can save money if they desire to buy in bulk. Developer Nihon Falcom has one of those packages with publisher NISA, and it contains literally every piece of content they have released on the platform. Of course, this only includes localized titles, but this bundle does also include the plethora of DLC content available for the Trails of Cold Steel entries alongside Ys VIII and Ys IX.

Ordinarily, this bundle is $579.87, which is pretty damn absurd. However, its current sale price is $248.63, which is…still absurd. To be honest, I mainly wrote this piece as a joke since I doubt anyone would drop nearly $300 on this but, it’s worth knowing that this package is in no way even nearly worth that price. A great deal of the components here are of overpriced cosmetic and item DLC that you do not ever need. It’s pretty wild how the random bits of DLC for 4 games (Cold Steel III, Cold Steel IV, Ys VIII, Ys IX) jacks up the price this much.

Regardless, if you want to take advantage of some actual worthwhile deals, the entirety of the localized Trails franchise, the Ys series, and the Zwei duology are all discounted on PC via Steam and GOG.

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