Romance Visual Novel ‘Every Day’s Different’ Launches Kickstarter to Assist Development

Snowfall Studio launched a Kickstarter for their slice of life visual novel Every Day’s Different, the debut title from the developer on their quest to deliver a romantic story that deals with some pretty heavy topics.

The crowdfunding campaign is seeking around $6,000 to fund the game’s development to launch. Backers can get a digital version of the game for $20. From there, the campaign offers higher tiers for additional digital rewards.

Every Day’s Different has players spend time with the female cast of characters and get to know them through the game’s narrative. Throughout the game, players will increase their bond with the girls and learn more about their story. The game will allow players to spread out their time between all the girls or just focus on one. Each weekend, players will be able to go on a date with the girls and participate in mini-games which will gain affection points with the respective girl through a dialog choice system. The game also has a cell phone feature that allows players to interact with the girls through text messaging.

Currently, the game has a playable demo for potential backers to try out what the developer has worked on so far.

You can watch the opening movie below:

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