Yuri Visual Novel ‘everlasting flowers’ Gets Opening Video and June 2024 Release Date

Sprite has shared some new information on their upcoming yuri visual novel everlasting flowers. Along with the opening video of the game, the company has revealed it will be available on PC (Steam), PS4, and Switch on June 27, 2024. English is already confirmed for the game, which is being translated by Frontwing.

everlasting flowers is part of the company’s Filmic Novel label. It’s written by Yohira, with art direction by Suzumori, who also worked on Aokana – Four Rhythms Across the Blue.

The game tells the story of two girls who face a turbulent time in their lives. As they move to the same house, which is also a café and restaurant, and get to know each other, they’ll have the chance to learn about each other’s wounds and become closer.

One of the everlasting flowers main characters is Mina Sakashita (VA: Reina Ueda), a brunette girl who seems to be shy and whose heart has hardened after past trauma.

The other is Ran Seino, whose voice actress is Lynn. Ran acts the total opposite of Mina, having an outgoing nature. However, it is not really all fun and games with her, and players will get to see it as they progress through the story.

Other relevant characters include Sanami Tachibana (VA: Chiwa Saito), Himari Narase (VA: Miyu Tomita), and Michiko Yanase (VA: Tomoko Miyadera). These women also share the same place with the main duo and can be seen in some of the promotional material.

The everlasting flowers opening video features the song Convallaria, sung by Riko Azuna. The music is composed by Ryutaro Fujinaga of Elements Garden, with lyrics by Ceui, who’s also responsible for singing the ending theme.

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