Evenicle Review – Scumbag Boy With a Big Heart

    Title: Evenicle
    Developer: Alicesoft
    Release Date: June, 28 2018
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: MangaGamer
    Genre: Eroge

I’d just like to preface this review with the fact that I don’t consider myself a huge “fan” of eroge titles. However, I can appreciate them for what they are and the systems that they present. There are firm supporters out there for this genre so I felt like they deserve to be given a chance and a fair review. Am I totally sold on the genre? Not entirely, but I often find things that catch my eye outside of the lewd scenes.

There’s a lot about Alicesoft’s Evenicle that can be discussed. This developer made a name for themselves with the Rance series, which is about a knight who isn’t the most likable character, so it’s interesting that they decided to create a new IP when they could just continue with the success of Rance. With that said, Evenicle also stars a knight, who is nothing like Rance and is set in a fantasy world, but the amount of content that this game offers is enough to hold the interest of already established Rance and hentai fans as well as a few intrigued gamers who wish to give the eroge genre a try.

Evenicle begins with a simple premise, a boy named Aster wants to have sex with his two sisters. However, it turns out that this is looked down upon, but not for the reasons that you’d think. You see, the creator of the world Holy Mother Eve has two commandments: Thou shall not kill another human and thou must have only one partner for life. If either of these rules is broken the individual is cast aside as an outlaw and forever banished to live in the world without aid.

Thankfully for Aster, one could avoid these rules if they become a Knight, this includes giving him the right to have multiple wives. That’s right, throughout Aster’s quest to become a knight he will also meet many women who end up becoming his wife one way or another. I know it makes him sound like he’s a scumbag, which in a way he still is, but he does show real interest in these girls and they do seem to appreciate his company and want him around so hey, it’s their life.

evenicle 2

The rules of the world create some interesting scenes that I wasn’t expecting and quite honestly I was left a little heartbroken over. You see, these laws are final and even applies to the instance of rape. If a person has been raped they too will still be seen as an outlaw and will pretty much lose everything. I found myself despising the world for this, and thankfully, Aster had a few things to say about these rules too. While people just some seemed to accept the outcome of a terrible situation, Aster would question them and fight back a little.

There’s some good writing in Evenicle. The game has many hours of playtime and at the time of writing this, I’m in about 25 hours without a real end in sight. MangaGamer did an excellent job with the localization. The team knew exactly how to set up each scene, whether the moment was romantic, comedic, or a horrible scene from the aforementioned scenario, the text supported the proper emotion expertly. Each character shows a bit of growth and the side characters that you meet from time to time also offer more than I’d ever expect from an eroge.

On that note, I’d also like to bring up the amount of Japanese voice over present in the game. The soundtrack is forgettable, but I was pretty happy with how the team at Alicesoft added more life to each character with the addition of voice over. I was even more surprised that all of the NPCs and male characters are voiced as well.

evenicle 3

Aside from the story, there are actually some pretty solid RPG systems in Evenicle. Players will roam around a huge open world map and trigger random battles against various enemies. Each character can be equipped with stronger armor and weapons as they learn new skills and level up. Yea, I wasn’t expecting this either, but hey I’m not at all opposed to it. Graphically, the game has nothing to brag about by the look of the lackluster 3D modeled Aster runs around the map, but that doesn’t really matter because of how great the illustrations in the game are. Character designs and CG scenes in Evenicle are pretty great, aside from the stupid tie the Aster wears which makes him look lame. Other than that, each character, even the NPCs, have nice expressions and overall designs.

Back to battling, there are some female enemies in the game who can be captured and used as equipment which adds various buffs to the character. As the party grows you’ll have to manage each character’s skills and equipment as well as remembering to visit a town to level up. Other than the female enemy type, enemy designs are okay with only a few that are standout, but I did enjoy that world map hosts powerful enemies just hanging around that could be taken on when you are strong enough. I just enjoy working towards something that you don’t really need to do, but it’s there for the players that want it.

evenicle 1

When it comes to the subject matter, I’m sure some players will be reluctant to give Evenicle a try, I don’t blame you. If you know what you’re getting yourself into and are still interested in the game than you found one of the best eroge titles available. There is a ton of story content and gameplay here to play through. If you are in it for the story then you will find some great moments where you begin to care about the characters and suffer through some of the more devastating scenes.

As the main protagonist, Aster is alright with me. There are some moments where he can be a scumbag, but he makes up for it every time. Evenicle has so many various systems that all come together to make the game a well-balanced RPG that would surprise anyone who was just looking for a straightforward eroge visual novel. There are plenty of taboo scenes in Evenicle, but if you’ve read this far then I’m sure you’re okay with it. So for new or already established fans of eroge content, I’m going to say Evenicle excels in all areas of the genre and is a must play.

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