MangaGamer to Release Physical Version of Visual Novel RPG ‘Evenicle’ for PC

MangaGamer announced plans to release a physical version of the Alicesoft developed visual novel RPG Evenicle for PC in the west on July 11.

Featuring artwork by Yaegashi Nan of Senran Kagura fame, the physical release of Evenicle will come in a three disk set with, two of the disks feature the game’s soundtrack, a Steam Keycard, the game on a disk, and a reversible cover. The hardcopy version of the game will be available via MangaGamer and cost $44.95.

Evenicle tells the story of a world created by an entity known as Mother Eve, who gave humans two rules to follow: Any given person may only ever have on sexual partner and killing another human being is forbidden. Anyone who disobeys these rules becomes shunned and will suffer a life of hardships on their own. However, there are also knights who are allowed to marry multiple partners in order to pass down their superior genes and that’s where the main protagonist Asterisk comes in who sets out to become a knight in order to find a girlfriend who he can stay with forever.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the game as we enjoyed many of its RPG features as well as its open-world and storytelling.

You can check out the physical release at the MangaGamer website.

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