Erotic VN RPG ‘Evenicle 2’ Brings Its Delectable Girls Cure to GOG Next Week

Erotic VN RPG ‘Evenicle 2’ Brings Its Delectable Girls Cure to GOG Next Week

Alicesoft has announced the GOG release of Evenicle 2. The Japanese company had to look into other storefronts after Steam banned the game. In February, the title released on both MangaGamer‘s and JAST USA‘s storefronts. Starting on July 7, 2022, it’ll also be available on GOG.

Evenicle 2 tells the story of a young man called Alex who works as a physicist in a world where heroes end up terminally ill for using their skills. This “Hero Disease” is grave, and no one escapes this fate if they keep going in this line of work. However, the legends talk about a guy called Asclepius who could heal even this condition. He only had to have sex with the girl afflicted by the disease.

Alex is a terminal case of pervert, and he has a weird feeling that he can also use this legendary skill called Medica. The problem is he’s never been able to test it out since he lives in a town of old men and women, and he isn’t into those. When a hero girl moves to Alex’s town in search of his grandpa’s skills, he finally has a chance to test it out. These circumstances are only the start of a long journey that will have him and his future wives dealing with a conspiracy that may threaten the entire world.

Evenicle 2‘s gameplay follows a turn-based system that’s simple but enjoyable with various skills to learn and use. Meanwhile, players can explore the world to find treasure and a variety of areas to enjoy some side conversation, further developing characters in this charismatic adventure.

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