Visual Novel RPG ‘Evenicle 2’ Confirms English Localization Coming Soon

Alicesoft announced that they will release their adventure RPG visual novel Evenicle 2 on PC in the west, with a trial version coming to Steam in a few weeks.

MangaGamer had previously localized the first entry in the series, but it’s not confirmed if they are attached to this project.

Evenicle 2 takes place during a time when an illness has spread across the world known as the “Hero Disease.” If someone with the illness uses magic, they will die. Powerful warriors from around the world have teamed up to take out the monsters thought to be responsible for the plague. However, the efforts are becoming harder as more and more heroes pass away.

That’s where the protagonist of this adventure, Alex, steps in to help. Blessed with a legendary healing ability, Alex sets out to cure the female warriors affected and save them.

This plot follows the previous entry which centers around an entity known as Mother Eve, who gave humans two rules to follow: Any given person may only ever have one sexual partner, and killing another human is forbidden. Anyone who disobeys these rules becomes shunned and will suffer a life of hardships on their own. However, there are also knights who are allowed to marry multiple partners in order to pass down their superior genes and that’s where the main protagonist Asterisk comes in who sets out to become a knight in order to find a girlfriend who he can stay with forever.

In case you missed it, check out our review of Evenicle.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the western release of Evenicle 2.

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