Evenicle 2 – Clinical Trial Edition Preview – The Doctor is In

Evenicle 2 – Clinical Trial Edition Preview – The Doctor is In

So I wouldn’t consider myself a Rance expert, but I did enjoy the Alicesoft-developed visual novel RPG Evenicle. The game has a very indie approach to classic RPG systems but decides to focus the overall narrative on lewd gameplay elements. Now, the team is bringing the sequel, Evenicle 2, to the west, but before the official launch, they’ve released a free demo called Evenicle 2 – Clinical Trial Edition.

After my time with the game, there are a few notable differences between it and its predecessor, but for the most part, I don’t think it’s going to have a problem finding its audience in the west.

Evenicle 2 – Clinical Trial Edition gives players access to the first chapter of seven. We are introduced to Alex, who doesn’t take long to expose his perverted mannerisms as he works with his dad in a clinic. In this world, select few people are able to use skills. However, most of these individuals use their skills to become Sentinels and protect others at the cost of dying to a strange illness known as “hero’s syndrome.” Alex is one of these people, but instead of fight uses his ability as a job.

This power of healing ends up being more than he could have ever imagined after it’s discovered that it can make attractive girls climax. Yes, we’re speeding this up. Well, Alex uses this as a way to heal these troubled heroes and possibly even build a relationship with them. That said, he ends up marrying the girls that he meets, and they go on an adventure to save the world.

Evenicle 2 5

Now, as simple as that story explanation is, I assure you its everything but. Players might be glad to hear that the developer did not skimp out on the overall exposition. The characters explain everything about this world in detail, which you need to actually pay attention to because they typically explain where to go next during dialogue.

As the main protagonist, Alex, is okay. I say okay because you’ve seen a protagonist like this before, most likely in Rance, but Alex is a little nicer. He’s arrogant, forceful, and eager to be around attractive women, so you can expect many moments of dialogue full of him gawking over some physical trait.

Evenicle 2 8

Gameplay elements are pretty unique. Players get to explore an overworld map where they’ll encounter enemies and get stronger. Each turn fills up a gauge to utilize a character’s special attacks. It creates some form of strategy within the pretty barebones turn-based combat. There’s an auto-function, but I’d only recommend using it if you are over-leveled because this will just attack random enemies.

I ended up enjoying the exploration of the overworld as there’s treasure chests, special interest spots, and dungeons to discover. It’s relatively straightforward, so don’t expect anything too complex. I mean, this game’s focus is the h-content.

Evenicle 2 9

What Alicesoft brings to the table is some fantastic illustrations. Pair that with an over-the-top narrative and hilarious plotline, and you have the making for something that shouldn’t be taken seriously but could still be enjoyed. You’ll know within the first few minutes if this game is for you or not, trust me.

Additional features allow you to feel the girls as they are affected with ailments, which increases the relationship with them. As characters level up and learn new skills the battle system improves, but even if this first chapter I was begging for a way to decrease the encounter rate. Each town has new NPCs to meet along with a handful of characters that could potentially join your party, which gives me something to look forward to in the later chapters.

I with this release featured an auto-save function or restart battle option because they put extremely strong enemies in the first area that you can accidentally run into. Sadly, they’ll one-shot you and it’s back to your last save. The game does save if you stay at the inn though, which is nice.

Evenicle 2 1

Evenicle 2 – Clinical Trial Edition is a decent preview of this insane RPG visual novel. You’ve probably never played anything like it before, at least not this high of quality. The character writing is fun outside of a few typos, but try to understand what you’re getting yourself into here.

Evenicle 2 – Clinical Trial Edition is available now on PC-via Steam.

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