‘Even if Tempest’ Otome Visual Novel Announces June Release Date; English Text Available

In the June edition of this year’s B’s-Log, it was revealed that the visual novel ‘Even if Tempest’ will be coming to Nintendo Switch on June 9. Although the game’s developer, Voltage, hasn’t confirmed a worldwide release, they stated that English and Japanese will be available as interchangeable options on their official website.

The magazine also showed new details about the game’s system and its world, and although we cannot show you the pages themselves, a translation is provided below:

In a fateful night, an incident occurs in the kingdom of Historica, where all of its people believe that all of the “witches” should be burned to a crisp. After the incident, five people have been marked as possible suspects. Your objective is to find the traitor, by collecting all of the evidence and keywords in each of the routes and bring the truth to light in the courts!

Be careful though, as submitting the wrong piece of evidence will decrease the people’s trust in your testimony, and they will be the ones who decide your life and death.

The game features a story written by Ushio Ayane, whose previous works include Norn9, and the illustrations are by Norita, who also did the Japan-only otome game Beast Darling. The opening video for Even if Tempest features the theme song ‘Reborn to Be a Survivor’ performed by Shihoko Hirata (who’s also a singer in the Persona 4 soundtrack) and composed by Shunsuke Tsuchiya (from Black Wolves Saga). You can check out the trailer here:

Even if Tempest tells the story of a young woman called Anastasia Lynzel. Raised by her stepmother, Evelina, she had to face cruelty from a young age, usually being forced to stay in the attic. One day her life changes forever as she gains a special ability called Fatal Rewind, which allows her to change the past. However, this skill comes with a catch: her fate will give birth to a new, possibly worse tragedy nonetheless. As she tries to break free, she will have the chance to become more intimately connected with the four main characters.

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