Otome Fandisk ‘Even if Tempest Dawning Connections’ Shows Off Best-Boys in Opening Movie

Voltage has released the opening trailer for Even if Tempest Dawning Connections coming to Nintendo Switch later in 2023.

Even if Tempest tells the story of a young woman called Anastasia Lynzel, raised by her stepmother, Evelina, she had to face cruelty from a young age, usually being forced to stay in the attic. One day her life changes forever as she gains a special ability called Fatal Rewind, which allows her to change the past.

However, this skill comes with a catch: her fate will give birth to a new, possibly worse tragedy nonetheless. As she tries to break free, she becomes more intimately connected with the four main characters. The original game had two routes available at first (Crius and Tyril), with Zenn and Lucien unlocked afterward.

After all the violent situations of the original game, Dawning Connections teases the characters, finally having some respite to think about true love. However, the game won’t be just the fluffy, cute content, as the new scenes hint at new conflicts. Even so, this is a story of the joy and love Anastasia finds at the end of the path of sacrifices she was forced to take in the first game.

You can watch the opening trailer below:

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