minori-Developed Visual Novel ‘Eve of the 12th Month’ Coming West Through MangaGamer

Publisher MangaGamer has announced the western release of Eve of the 12th Month. While they haven’t shared a release window as of yet, we know the PC visual novel is developed by minori, the creators behind the ef series. In fact, the story takes place in the same setting as their well-regarded classic.

Eve of the 12th Month tells the story of an unremarkable young man who ends up bumping into a mysterious girl while going on an errand in Megumi City during Christmas Eve. Despite having no memory of her, he soon notices she knows him and gets curious to understand why.

Directed by Trinoline’s Sakai Nobukazu, Eve of the 12th Month focuses on three girls whose fates mix with the protagonist in this tale. First we have Shiina Anzu (CV: Yukimi Chiyoko), a girl who’s not too keen on her studies but great at housework. Her sister, Shiina Mizuka (CV: Yamada Yuna), is her opposite in every way and has very low stamina. Finally, Unahara Yuki (CV: Kusuhara Yui) is an energetic transfer student.

Each of their stories is written by different people, with Anzu’s written by Misagi (Trinoline), Mizuka’s by Kagami Yuu (ef‘s original concept and chapters 1 and 2 of its first tale) and Yuki’s by Takeda (Nanatsu no Fushigi no Owaru Toki). Meanwhile the illustrators include Shouna Mitsuishi (Wind -a breath of heart-), Takasaki Maco (char designer for Natsuzora no Perseus‘ Ren) and Yuzuna Hiyo (Trinoline and char designer for Natsuzora no Perseus‘ Amane).

Besides the story description and the warning that the game’s adult edition will keep its mosaic censorship, the company has shared the opening movie:

Check out a few screenshots of Eve of the 12th Month in our gallery as well:

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