Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Shares Highlight Videos for Seven Classes From the Third Game

SEGA Asia has shared more Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection trailers highlighting some of the classes players can choose to play with. After covering all classes from the first two games, the company has shared videos for seven classes available in Etrian Odyssey III HD.

Etrian Odyssey is a series of traditional-styled dungeon crawling RPGs. With a tough but fair difficulty and a great array of customization options, it’s an excellent example of how the genre can offer solid experiences that demand careful planning and an understanding of the risks of exploring too long.

The new HD edition of the DS games includes a Picnic difficulty for newcomers and an auto-mapping option. The release also had to revamp graphics from a dual-screen perspective to high definition and a widescreen proportion. A new portrait option for each class was also added in the three games, being one of the highlights of the class trailers.

The first video highlights Sovereign, a sword wielder whose skills impact the morale of the other party members. Despite using a short melee weapon, they can offer good support from the front or the rear rows.

Gladiators can use swords and clubs and they’re meant as an aggressive front line member. Each kind of weapon leads to different styles of skills, with swords meant for multi-targetting and clubs for heavy single-target damage.

Hoplites are the defense specialists of Etrian Odyssey III HD. Unlike Protectors, they can be used on either line to the same effect as they use spears which don’t get weaker on the back row. Their high HP and defensive skills are likely to be an important asset in the journey ahead.

Ninjas are also versatile warriors for both rows. They use knives and a special technique called ninpo. Their wide array of skills allows them to cause ailments to enemies, create clones of themselves and to hide in the shadows.

Monks are qi masters who balance healing and attacking. Their bare hands can be seen as a threatening weapon but they also offer curative effects to HP and status ailments.

Zodiac is Etrian Odyssey III HD‘s magic specialist. Though their elemental attacks are very powerful and an impressive way of exploiting enemies’ weaknesses, they have to be used on the rearguard.

Arbalists are crossbow users who can pack a punch with their ranged attacks. Despite being more comfortable on the back row, this class has some skills that can only activate when used on the front row, making it a risk and reward situation.

Besides those classes, Etrian Odyssey III HD still has five classes to cover in upcoming videos: Buccaneer, Farmer, Shogun and Yggdroid. These trailers are likely to be the next ones, finishing the batch of class presentations SEGA Asia has been publishing on their YouTube channel.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection will be available on PC and Switch on June 1, 2023. The digital-only games are already available for pre-order individually or as a bundle, and there’s also a physical Asian edition with English support.

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