Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection Shares Highlight Videos for All Nine Classes from the First Game

SEGA Asia has shared a few trailers highlighting some of the classes players can choose to play as in the upcoming Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection. More specifically, they’ve already shared trailers for all classes in Etrian Odyssey HD, ranging from the basic Landsknechts and Protectors to the hidden classes Ronin and Hexer.

Etrian Odyssey is a series of traditional-styled dungeon crawling RPGs. With a tough but fair difficulty and a great array of customization options, it’s an excellent example of how the genre can offer solid experiences that demand careful planning and an understanding of the risks of exploring too long.

As SEGA covers all classes available in the game collection, they started with videos for the options in the first title. There are nine classes in Etrian Odyssey HD: Landsknecht, Survivalist, Protector, Medic, Dark Hunter, Alchemist, Troubadour, Ronin and Hexer. All of those are also available in Etrian Odyssey II HD but not in the third game, which went for other classes altogether.

The Landsknecht is an offensive class that should be used on the frontlines. They’re balanced warriors who are an easy pick for a team to cause consistent damage to the enemy with their swords and axes skills. Focusing on one of those, balancing your class to alternate them as battles demands or making two characters of this type one for each weapon type are some options the player may pick.

Survivalist is a bow specialist that may be used in either line, as their attacks can still be powerful from the rear area. While they may be weaker than the landsknechts, they have support skills such as boosting their allies’ speed and preventing ambushes from the enemies.

Protector and similar shield-oriented classes are an important stable for the Etrian Odyssey series. Their high resistance to damage can be used to protect allies from the enemies’ wrath by positioning themselves before allies. They may protect entire lines at a time or focus their attention at a weaker character who could take a final blow that turn, for instance.

Medic is another essential class, as it offers healing arts to keep the party going through their exploration. They should be placed on the back line because they are much weaker than other classes and shouldn’t be targeted often by enemies if possible. Without them in the party, players would be at the mercy of item usage, making it much harder to advance.

Dark Hunters are specialists in weakening enemies. Their skills with whips and swords can be used for effects such as binding enemies, which may cause them to fail when trying to use some attacks. This opportunity may lead to much easier battles even against strong FOEs.

Alchemists use elemental skills to exploit enemies’ weaknesses. Their command of ice, fire and lightning can make the difference when fighting enemies, especially those with strong shells who are harder to hit with physical attacks. However, they’re meant for the back row as they are one of the weakest classes when it comes to taking damage.

Troubadour is a support-oriented class whose skills are meant to inspire the party. Their expertise may be interesting to boost allies during battles with the stronger FOEs as their stat improvements don’t disappear until the battle ends or some other skill removes or overwrites them.

Ronin is a hidden class the player may unlock in the first Etrian Odyssey, though it’s already available from the start on the second game. This katana expert is completely offense-oriented, which means their defense is very poor. They can change stances mid-battle and charge powerful attacks. Ronins are meant for the front line.

Lastly, Hexer is a sorcerer whose skills weaken enemies and inflict status ailments. They may use their Evil Eye to terrify enemies, and then abuse this status to make them act the way the player wants, attacking themselves or their allies. They’re the second hidden class in the game.

The next videos should show how these classes fare on the second game and introduce the Gunner, War Magus and Beast classes, which are exclusive to Etrian Odyssey II as far as the collection goes. After that, Sega Asia should start sharing trailers for Etrian Odyssey III HD classes, which are: Prince(ss), Gladiator, Hoplite, Buccaneer, Ninja, Monk, Zodiac, Wildling, Arbalist, Farmer, Shogun, and Yggdroid.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection will be available on PC and Switch on June 1, 2023. The digital-only games are already available for pre-order individually or as a bundle, and there’s also a physical Asian edition with English support. We’ll keep you updated as Sega shares more info on this upcoming release.

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