Norse mythos Action-RPG ‘Eternity: The Last Unicorn’ Launches on PC and PS4 Next Month; Xbox One Release Later This Year

Unicorns are magical beasts that I have yet to see in person, sadly. However, thanks to video games, I’ve been able to at least see some unicorns in a virtual world, so that’s something… right? Well now, a new unicorn will soon enter our world as 1C Entertainment and Void Studios have announced that the Nordic mythos Action-RPG, Eternity: The Last Unicorn is set to launch on PC and PS4 on March 5 for $19.99. Xbox One gamers will have to wait a bit since the Xbox One version will launch later this year.

Eternity: The Last Unicorn will have players go deep into a tale filled with Norse mythology and immortality struggles. Long ago, unicorns granted immortality, but the problem that lies in Eternity is that there’s only one, cursed and lonely unicorn left. With just one last unicorn out in the wild, it’s up to Aurehen of Alfheim, the game’s main protagonist, to save the waning immortality of her fellow elves before it fully evaporates, while helping out the unicorn with its curse. In addition to Aurehen, players will also be able to play as the viking, Bior, who is searching for his missing troops. The campaign will take over 12 hours to finish, so Eternity will be a short but sweet adventure to go through.

From the looks of it, Eternity will be an old-school RPG that offers classic action-RPG features like fixed camera styles, deep skill and weapon progression, and plenty of exploration. However, what’ll make Eternity unique is its world that’ll have Norse mythology gods, creatures like Jotun, Fenrir, and Gullveig, and more.

Venture right into Eternity: The Last Unicorn by watching the trailer for it below:


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