Dating-Action Game ‘Eternights’ Reveals New Trailer & Development Updates; Summer 2023 PS4 & PS5 Release

PlayStation has shared new details on the Studio Sai-developed action-dating game Eternights alongside a new trailer. Since the title’s initial reveal last year, the team has worked on enhancing the UI to make it more cohesive. Additionally, time management has been emphasized, with the in-game calendar system and dungeon deadlines receiving significant revamps. Continual tension and excitement are crucial to this experience.

Regarding combat, efforts were made to have numerous real-time combat mechanics, such as the Elemental Attacks, Perfect Dodges, Parries, Special Skills, and Confidant Combat Skills, more intuitive and less overwhelming to comprehend. Moreover, the level design, characters, storyline, minigames, and other tangentially related facets have also been updated.

Lastly, Japanese and Korean voice acting has been confirmed, though the cast has not been shared yet, and the game has been delayed to Summer 2023 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

You can view the new Eternights trailer below:

Throughout this title, a bizarre entity has altered unfortunate humans to become vicious, power-hungry monsters. Players will have to manage between finding a cure, exploring dungeons, scavenging, and dating with teased time limits. Traps, puzzles, and dancing mini-games are also mentioned as various activities. When not in dungeons, there are five cast members players can hang out with, who can learn new abilities alongside providing backstory.

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