Visual Novel RPG ‘Eternal Radiance’ Gets Full Release Next Week

Wraithseeker announced that their RPG project, Eternal Radiance, will exit Steam Early Access on December 14 for a full release. The game is also in development for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for a 2021 release.

The launch out of Steam Early Access will allow players to complete the game through the final chapter. Additionally, the developer will add “fine-tuning adjuments” and localization support for Japanese.

Eternal Radiance is an action JRPG with visual novel style character interaction. Players will assume the role of a squire named Celeste as she journeys out into the world to pursue a thief. It just so happens that her suspect’s plans are much more sinister than she could have guessed, but throughout the game, she meets new companions who will help her put a stop to the approaching evil.

During gameplay, players will adventure through fields of monsters. Dungeons are themed across a map, which is home to some powerful boss enemies. Players can use skills and elemental magic as well to survive and gain levels through fighting. There are also towns where characters interact, and shops are open to purchasing items.

In case you missed it, check out our preview.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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