Erovoice: Sexy Voices Lead to a Successful Love Life Releasing in the West Later This Month

Publisher MangaGamer has announced the release date for Erovoice: Sexy Voices Lead to a Successful Love Life. The visual novel developed by CLOCKUP will be available in English on February 24. MangaGamer is currently doing a pre-order campaign for the game, offering a 10% discount for players who get it ahead of its release date on their store page.

Erovoice: Sexy Voices Lead to a Successful Love Life focuses on office romance that blooms between a newcomer odd jobs man and various women who work on an adult games company called Cuckoo Clock. It features multiple endings as the player can end up with one of five women, whose personalities are very different. The heroines include Iroha Sakuragi (VO Hoshika Rie), Seika Morinaga (VO Miru), Hasumi Musha (VO Kaibara Elena), Kibi Touko (VO Yumeno Botan), and Midori Kuroku (VO Kannazuki Honoka).

Iroha is a brand new voice actress who just entered the company and is still in college. She’s a promising new voicing star and people have high hopes about her future. After playing some erotic games, she became interested in voicing the characters herself. However, as she is still very inexperienced with men due to attending all-girls’ schools, she’s trying to overcome that barrier for a more successful acting.

While looking just as young, Seika is a veteran in the field with a long career. Her name is a big selling point to titles and she’s used to voicing loli characters though she’s able to do other character types as well. She’s very professional and caring but acts like a tyrant towards the protagonist.

Hasumi is a recording engineer whose quiet nature makes her seem both mature and melancholy. She has a hard time communicating properly but she’s a perfectionist who could handle all the studio work by herself. When she arrives, she stays in the studio and pretty much never goes out until it’s time to go home.

Touko is Cuckoo Clock’s manager. She’s hardworking handling pretty much all the actresses and business choices by herself. However, she’s actually a little clumsy and free-spirited. Whenever something piques her curiosity, she makes a deep dive into learning more about it.

Last but not least we have the president Midori who also works as one of the company voice actresses. She’s had a long career and is considered a reliable mentor. While she has worked on non-erotic titles, her big legacy is undeniably on the adult games. Midori is frank about most topics and is very serious about work but her private life is a little messy.

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